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Welsh Apple Trees

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Stock List - Fruit Trees

If you require any help or advice with regards to any aspect of selecting a tree or trees such as choosing a variety suited to your site please do not hesitate to contact us.

Varieties that are particularly hardy are marked as Hardy Variety.

Fruit Trees Description
Beth Pear An excellent early cropping garden variety with sweet and juicy flesh and melting texture. A good cropper. PG 3
Conference Pear Old variety dating back to 1884. Mid season cropper with juicy and sweet fruits, a very reliable cropper. Self fertile
Morello Cherry Reliable cropper. Large, deep red cherries with a tart flavour. Excellent for cooking and bottling. A hardy variety. Self fertile
Willingham Gage A good cropper with an excellent flavour. Great for eating and cooking and bottling, a very highly regarded variety. Self fertile
Shropshire Prune Damson Old English variety. A very reliable cropping damson with a great flavour, can be eaten from the tree or made into preserves, we use most of ours for Damson Gin! Self fertile
Farleigh Damson Heavy cropping variety. Small fruits with a deep blue bloom, with a rich flavour, ideal for cooking. A hardy variety Self fertile
Yellow Pershore Also known as the Yellow Egg, an early cropping variety. The pretty yellow fruits can be eaten fresh from the tree and are also great for cooking and bottling. Self fertile
Warwickshire Drooper Early cropping variety, yellow fruits are juicy and are great for eating and cooking. Can also be used to make Plum Jerkum a drink said to "leave the head clear while paralyzing the legs". Reliable cropper Self fertile