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Stock List - Dessert/Eating Apples

For information with regards to PG - pollination groups and selecting a suitable rootstock for your tree please see our Guide to Rootstocks & Pollination Groups. If you require any help or advice with regards to any aspect of selecting a tree or trees such as matching pollination groups or choosing a variety suited to your site please do not hesitate to contact us. Most of the varieties are available on both M25 and MM106 rootstocks. Please contact us if you are interested in a tree(s) on the M9 rootstock as we have a limited number of these available.

When selecting a tree or trees you may also like to consider when apples from your tree will be ready for harvest.
Early - Fruit is ready for harvesting August - September
Mid - Fruit is ready harvesting September - October
Late - Fruit is ready for harvesting October - November

Some varieties can be stored for some time after picking and some of these (dual purpose varieties in particular) actually improve their flavour after storage.

Varieties that are particularly hardy are marked as Hardy Variety.

Dessert Apples
Description Uses Early/
PG Other
Ashmeads Kernel Raised in Gloucester in the early 1700s. A pale green apple with firm white flesh and an intense acid drop like flavour, an excellent eating apple. Eat/Juice Late 4 Stores until February.
Bardsey Island Pink over cream skinned apple, its lemon scent makes this a refreshing eating apple. It is also great for juicing and retains it's flavour when cooked. Stores until December. Eat/Juice Early 2 image descriptionDisease resistant
Blenheim Orange Dates to 1740, Oxford. A vigorous variety, apples are orange flushed with coarse textured flesh and a rich aromatic flavour, a nice eating apple but is considered to be very good for cooking. Eat/Cook Mid 3
Bloody Ploughman Originates from Scotland. A ribbed, blood red apple with a sweet flavour and a gruesome tale, dates to 1883. Good for eating, cooking and it's sweet juice can be included in a cider blend. Eat/Cook/Cider Mid 3 Scottish variety
Charles Ross Dates from 1800s. A sweet flavoured eating apple that also cooks well. Stores until December. Eat/Cook Mid 3 Hardy variety
Cissy/Monmouth Beauty Originates from Newport in Wales. Dates to the early 1800s. Red flushed eating apples have sweet and firm flesh with a rich aroma. Early 3 image description
Court Pendu Plat A late season variety, good for frost prone areas because of it's particularly late blossom. Thought to originate in in France around (or before) 1613. Apples are flushed deep orange/red, are firm fleshed and juicy with a sweet and aromatic, fruity flavour. A good keeping apple that retains it's sweet flavour. Late 3 Stores well
D'Arcy Spice Dates back to 1700s, Essex. Red/brown flushed apples with russet patches, fine textured fruit with firm flesh and a spicy nutmeg like flavour that develops with storing, just in time for Christmas! A nice eating apple, also good for cooking and juicing. Eat/Cook/Juice Late 4 Stores well
Devonshire Quarrenden Dates to 1670s, Devon. Popular in the Victorian times, a lovely crimson eating apple with a sweet berry like flavour, crisp and juicy flesh. Is also good for juicing and makes a delicious pink tinged juice. Apples are best eaten fresh from the tree. Early 1 Pink juice
Discovery Raised in 1949 in Essex. Crisp and juicy deep red flushed apples with a sweet flavour and hint of strawberry. A very nice early cropping variety, the fruits are best eaten fresh from the tree. Eat/Juice Early 3 Disease resistant
Ellisons Orange Raised in Lincolnshire in 1904. Striped red juicy apples with a rich flavour, a good alternative to the Cox's Orange Pippin. A nice eater that also juices well. Eat/Juice Mid 4 Cox like flavour
Fiesta Dates to 1972, Kent. A heavy cropper with sweet and crisp flesh and aromatic cox like flavour. A lovely eating apple that is also great for juicing. Eat/Juice Mid 3 Hardy variety
George Cave Raised in Essex, 1923. A very early cropping eating apple. Apples are red flushed, juicy and sweet with a strong sharp flavour. Apples are best eaten fresh from the tree. Early 1 Hardy variety
Partially self fertile
Irish Peach Originates from Sligo in Ireland and dates back to 1819. Popular during the Victorian times for it's lovely flavour. Red streaked apples are aromatic and juicy, best eaten straight from the tree. A very good early season variety. Eat Early 2 Irish variety
James Grieve Crisp and juicy, early cropping red and green striped apples with an excellent flavour. Eat Early 3 Self fertile
Kidd’s Orange Red Raised in New Zealand, 1924 and received the RHS Award of Merit in 1932. Pretty pink blossom in the spring is followed by bright red flushed apples. The fruits have firm, crisp flesh, are sweet and juicy with a rich aromatic flavour. An excellent eating apple, especially for anyone who enjoys Cox apples. Great for juicing too. Eat/Juice Late 3 Cox like flavour
Lass O'Gowrie Scottish variety dating back to 1833. Yellow skinned cooking apples with a slight red flush/stripes. Flesh is crisp and juicy with a delicate sweet flavour. Keeps it's shape when cooked. Eat/Cook Early Scottish variety
Lemon Pippin Large pale yellow fruit with a strong lemon aroma. Sweet and firm, good for eating - great for jelly and tarts. Eat/Cook Mid 4 Stores until March
Marged Nicolas Old variety that originates from Dinefwr - Llandeilo in Wales. Yellow speckled russet apples that can be stored until the Spring, juicy apples can be used to bulk out cider. Eat/Cook/Cider Late 3 image description
Hardy variety. Russet
Millers Seedling Sweet, crisp and juicy apples. Red flush on cream skin, best eaten straight from the tree Eat Early 3
Monmouth Green A Welsh, dual purpose green and yellow apple dating to early 1800s, a hardy variety that grows well at higher altitudes Eat/Cook Late 3 image description
Disease resistant
Morgan's Sweet Yellow/gold sweet tasting apples great for eating for straight from the tree and for juicing. This heavy cropping variety also produces a sweet light cider, as this is an early variety it is possible use these apples to make a cider in time for Christmas! Eat/Juice/Cider Early 3
Orleans Reinette Originates from France 1776. Received an Award of Merit from the Royal Horticultural Society in 1921. Fruit are fine textured and juicy with a rich flavour, stores well. Eat Late 4 Stores well
Peasgoods Nonsuch Dates to 1850s. Huge pale green/red striped, juicy apples that also cook to a sweet puree. The biggest eating apple! Stores until December. Hardy Variety. Eat/Cook Mid 3 Huge apples!
Pig Aderyn Sweet and juicy apples good for eating but also make an excellent single variety cider. Originating from Wales. Eat/Cider Mid 2 image description
Pixie Raised in 1947, Wisley. Small red/orange striped apples, crisp juicy flesh with a cox like flavour with a sweet edge. A popular variety that can store until March. Eat Late Children's favourite
Pren Glas Eating apple originating from the grounds of an ancient monastery at St. Dogmaels in Wales. Eat Mid 3 image description
Red Devil Raised in Kent, 1975. Deep red fruit with red stained flesh, it's fragrant strawberry flavour is great for eating and also makes a wonderful pink juice. Eat/Juice Mid 3 Hardy variety
St. Edmund's Pippin Dating back to 1875, St Edmund's. Golden/orange russet apples with juicy, sweet, pale cream flesh and a rich aromatic flavour. A good eating apple it's rich juice is also popular for making cider. Also known as St Edmund's Russet. Eat/Juice/Cider Mid 3 Russet
Hardy variety
Sunset Red and orange striped apples with a sharp Cox like flavour. Stores until December Eat Mid 3 Hardy variety
Cox like flavour
Sweet Merlin Originates from Cornwall. Large, deep red flushed apples with firm, sweet scented flesh. A lovely eating apple, juice is also good for making cider. Eat/Juice/Cider Mid 2
Tydemans Late Orange Raised in Kent, 1930. Heavy cropping variety with deep red flushed fruit. Flesh is firm, crisp and juicy with an aromatic, sharp Cox like flavour. Fruit can store until April. Eat Late 3 Cox like flavour.