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Welsh Apple Trees

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Our Trees

Plant Orchard Trees All of our trees are field grown and so are supplied as bareroot meaning that they do not come in a pot or with added compost or wrapped root balling. Once lifted from the ground any loose soil is gently shaken from the roots and then the tree is carefully stored to minimise any damage to the roots.

Our trees are available for sale during the winter months when they are dormant - November to March.

One year or Two year?

One year:
Most of our trees are supplied as year old maidens meaning that they have been grafted and grown on for one year. These are pruned to a single stem at a height of 3ft - 4ft and do not yet have branches - often referred to as "feathers". There are many benefits to planting year old trees, though smaller they become established quicker when coming out of dormancy in the spring as they have less branches and foliage to support. They need less watering and are affected less by wind, this is very helpful on exposed sites.

Two year:
Two year trees are grown on for two years after grafting and are much bigger than a one year tree. They are pruned to a height of 5ft - 6ft, they usually have a clear stem of 3ft and a good head of branches. They give more of an immediate prescence but will take a little longer to get established and may need staking for longer, especially on exposed sites. The best thing about two year trees is that they should give you a crop of fruit sooner than a one year tree!

The Benefits of Bareroot

Faster to establish:
Bareroot trees are only sold during dormancy so are less likely to be damaged during transport or planting. Planting potted trees, especially during summer months can cause damage to the fragile hair roots and risk slowing the trees development. Bareroot trees are more likely to become established quicker than a potted tree as they are planted in the winter which allows them time to establish a robust root system before the summer months, the tree can then put more energy into producing a good amount of healthy foliage. Bareroot trees are planted straight into the soil, planting a previously potted tree with its compost can create a void in the soil which could collect water which can rot the roots.

Environmentally Sustainable:
Bareroot trees are more sustainable as they are produced without polytunnels or the use of large quantities of material such as peat composts and pots, these are often transported vast distances using large quantities of fuel and resources.

The additional costs in the production of potted trees are usually then passed onto the consumer. This does not happen with bareroot trees!

If you have any further questions with regards to any aspect of choosing or purchasing your tree or trees please do not hesitate to contact us.